My crazy life

I haven’t blogged in over 2 months now, just because I’ve been busy and the urge hasn’t been there to write. I don’t want to force myself to make blog posts that I don’t want to, because if I don’t enjoy writing them how can I expect anyone to enjoy reading them?

So – what’s been happening in the last 2 months: I think most people know now that I will be moving to London in September to start at Goldsmiths university. This was a decision I struggled with initially – moving away by myself with my son to a city where I have know family and don’t know that many people is a very daunting experience. But I’m a big believer in taking chances, in challenging yourself and following your heart, and my heart told me I should go for it and accept the offer.

Max turned 3 last week and we spent a week on holiday in Ibiza. When I told people that’s where I was going everyone presumed I was going on a clubbing holiday. In reality I’d rather rip my own eyeballs out than go on one of those tacky holidays. There are a lot of places in Ibiza that are good for families if you go out the way of the clubs and we had an amazing time. We also visited Formentera which is another one of the Balearic islands. It’s really given me the bug to go on as many holidays as I can, even though I don’t really like flying!

My mindset has changed a bit over the last couple of months. Things that seemed really important to me just aren’t as much any more. It’s funny how your moods and feelings change especially when you never thought they would!

I think one of my favourite things about life is never knowing what’s around the corner. Sure, it might not always be good stuff, but we have so many choices and options open to us. We really can be whoever we want to be.


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