Sleep out experience

As most of you know, last weekend I did the sleep out for the Canaan trust homeless charity. I was going to write this over the weekend but I was so tired so I put it off until today.

We did the sleep out in the middle of the town centre, next to one of the local churches. Luckily the church was open all night with facilities to make hot drinks, and there were snacks as well. I pretty much ate my way through the whole experience!

I took a sleeping bag and wore loads of layers but it was still freezing. It started raining at about 2am and literally didn’t stop at all. I can’t sleep when I’m surrounded by too many people because I get quite paranoid but I did doze off for about an hour. A lot of people stopped and told us we were doing a great job and put donations in our buckets. Thank goodness there weren’t TOO many drunks out and about! Luckily we didn’t get any harassment.

At about 5am the Rapid Relief team came and provided us all with bacon and sausage sandwiches which was amazing. I went straight to pick Max up after it ended at 7am so I was basically awake for 48 hours straight. I felt so ill on Sunday but I’m just about recovered now!

I’m so glad I did it even though it was a horrible experience. I’m quite a high maintenance person, I don’t go camping and I like mod cons so it was hard but it’s so important to try and raise awareness. I’d definitely do it again!


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