Life update ☺

I haven’t written a lot about what’s going on in my life lately because I don’t want to bore everyone and I don’t want to be repeating myself over and over! Anyway I’ve had the best week and I’m getting really excited as the year goes on about all the stuff I’m gonna be getting up to!

I went to London on Wednesday and I had the best time. I always love the time I spend in London, it’s one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people. I like to have a break when Max is at Carl’s house so I usually have a drink then but I only drink properly about once a month!

Me and my best friend have booked festival tickets so I’m so excited about that! I’ve never been to a festival in my life and at 25 it’s about time I did! Also another good friend has asked me to be her maid of honour when she gets married in June! I can’t wait and I’m so honoured that she’s asked me. Now I have a hen party to plan so that will be something to keep me occupied.

I can’t believe that in 6 months I’ll be starting uni, it’s been such a long journey from when I decided to do it over a year ago but everything is just on the up right now and I’m so hoping it stays that way. I’ve got the best family and friends in the world and everything else is just a bonus. ☺


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