“First world feminism”

I touched on the subject of feminism when I wrote the review for Gloria Steinem’s “My life on the road”. I didn’t really go into too much detail but something’s been bugging me for a while that I wanted to talk about, and I call it “first world feminism.”

I’ve noticed something about some people online. People can be sheep. People like to jump on bandwagons about certain issues. For example, when the bombings happened in Paris a lot of people changed their facebook profile picture to the French flag colours “to show support.” I didn’t do mine. I thought it was a stupid “bandwagon” idea that didn’t actually do anything to help. I don’t like following trends just because everyone else is doing it. Instead I made a donation to the French red cross who were helping the victims. I’d rather do something constructive and show solidarity in other ways.

“First world feminism” is another one of those “bandwagon” things that irritates me. It’s one of those things where people only care about minor issues that are happening in this country that directly affect them.

People are getting up in arms, making petitions, and going on protests about a damn TAMPON TAX. Boo flipping hoo. Women in third world countries are getting stoned to death for the shame of being raped but apparently, people are more concerned with a tampon tax of a few pence which, let’s face it, is hardly gonna make a dent in your bank account.

Sometimes we put too much energy into the wrong things. I believe in fighting for causes you care about, but sometimes I think people are just joining in to be one of the crowd. Women have come a seriously long way in Britain, even from just 100 years ago. I don’t care about a tampon tax. I care about women in third world countries having the same opportunities that we do.


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