There’s definitely no escaping it. It’s valentine’s day, the day of spreading the love. Or not, depending on your outlook on the whole day.

Open up any social media today and you’ll be smacked in the face with soppy statuses, pictures of teddy bears, flowers and other gifts. People like to declare their love on social media for everyone to see, and why shouldn’t they? On the other end of the spectrum there are the singletons – the ones who hate this day and moan about all these public displays of affection. Valentine’s day really highlights the divide between people and it’s pretty interesting to see.

Sometimes I wonder how we became a nation of such cynics. Trust me, I’m the BIGGEST cynic out there but I don’t understand why people have such a problem with this day. OK, so you’re single, you think this day is just a big marketing ploy, blah blah… Who cares? I always find it bizarre that people think having a significant other is so important.

I’ve never really been fussed about valentine’s day. I’ve never really celebrated it – I get more excited about pancake day! (And with my current relationship status being a big fat “it’s complicated” I’m honestly even less inclined to do anything that usual. ;)) But I sure as hell am not going to complain about those that do. Let’s remember – it’s not a competition! Different things matter to different people. Whether you spend £100 or nothing at all, who the hell cares! Live and let live.

So, a little message for those who think being single on Valentine’s day is the so awful: there are worse things happening in the world. Focus on your own personal growth – it’s way more important. If it upsets you that much, stay off social media today. And if you’re in a really REALLY bad mood, wine and chocolate is always the answer. 😉


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