Beating the January blues

I don’t know ANYONE who likes January. It’s just such a “nothing” month. I normally hate it and especially after the crappy January I had last year I thought I’d be a bit disillusioned. But honestly, I’ve had a fantastic first month of the year and I’m hoping it’s only going to carry on!

I was supposed to go to Poland for my boob job on the 24th. Unfortunately I had childcare issues and I’m having to reschedule. I’m hoping to go in March now although I haven’t got definite dates yet. I have all the money I need, I’m 100% committed to going through with it and I will keep an online diary of the process when I actually manage to get over there!

Luckily, loads of other good stuff has happened this month:

– Max is now fully potty trained in the day! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be and we only had a couple of days of accidents. I’m not sure how to go about night time potty training but I’m not going to push him too much just yet. My baby is becoming a proper little boy!

– I received an unconditional offer from one of the universities I applied to! I’m literally so over the moon because it means I’m guaranteed a place now. I’m still waiting to hear back from 2 more before I make any decisions but I’m so excited at the thought of a new adventure.

– we’ve booked a holiday for Max’s birthday in June! We’re going to Ibiza with my parents, all inclusive. I’m so excited, it’ll be his first time abroad!

– I’ve spent a lot more time with friends and planned a lot of stuff for the rest of the year. Laughter is the best medicine and I’ve been having so much fun. ☺

– me and Max started baking. Sundays are our special day together and we’re loving our lazy time making cakes. I’m far from the best cook but the main thing is we enjoy it (and they haven’t tasted too bad!)

– the weather has been OK! I know it’s so boring talking about the weather but I really suffer in the cold. I have quite poor blood circulation and I get a horrible problem called chilblains on my hands in the cold weather, they basically get swollen, itchy and painful so I’m really grateful that we’ve avoided snow and only had a couple of really cold days!

I’m looking forward to a new month and seeing what this one brings. ☺


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