Book review: Moving by Jenny Éclair

I get a lot of people asking me for book recommendations so I thought this year I’d start adding reviews onto my blog. I’ll still post about other stuff so if you’re not a reader and not interested in these then you can just skip them, but I hope it will give people some ideas for good books this year. 🙂

So. The second book I’ve read this year is “Moving” by Jenny Éclair. It also meant I got to tick off another book on my “2016 reading challenge”, which was a book by a comedian.

I very rarely give a book 5 stars. I think I only did 2 out of the 51 I read last year, but I genuinely feel that this one deserves it. At the beginning of the book we meet Edwina, a 70 something widow living alone in a house that is much too big for her. She decides it’s time to sell up and as she takes the estate agent around the different rooms  we are taken back in time as Edwina reminisces about the past – her two husbands, her twin children, her housekeeper and the stepson she refuses to speak to any more.

Jenny Éclair has a fresh, unique writing style that I enjoyed from the start. Just as we were getting to know Edwina the story changes perspective and we are taken back to the 80s and introduced to Fern, a student living in Manchester. Fern’s involvement in the story and the part she plays is slowly revealed until the third part of the book, which again switches POV to Lucas, the stepson that Edwina cannot stand.

Family secrets are revealed throughout the book in a clever and interesting way that makes you want to carry on reading. Jenny Éclair manages to make all her characters well rounded enough that I couldn’t hate any of them, even the “villains” of the story! Short chapters make the book easy to read and I was hooked until the end.

A fantastic family saga that I’m so glad I picked up. If you’re looking for a book with lots of action and adventure this won’t be the one for you, but if you want a light enjoyable read then I’d definitely recommend this! 5/5 stars.


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