Second chances

I think everyone starts reflecting on their lives when it gets to the end of the year. I definitely am and one of the things I’ve been thinking about is second chances.

My whole life I’ve always found it really hard to forgive people when they screw up. I don’t like getting too close to anyone because I don’t want to end up being let down. I automatically assume everyone will screw me over at some point so I’d rather be this cold hearted person and never give too much of myself away.

I’ve changed a lot over this year. I still don’t like opening up to people and I don’t trust anyone, but I’ve learned to forgive people. I used to think if you give someone a second chance it means you’re a weak person – why put yourself in such a vulnerable position? But honestly, hating people and holding grudges takes too much energy and I don’t want to allow negative thoughts to take over my life. I have given a lot of people second chances this year. Some of them have shown me that it is actually worth it and as for those that haven’t, at least I know that I made the effort.

Forgiving people doesn’t mean forgetting what they did, it means that you’re the bigger person. I’m glad I’ve realised that and I know I’ll be going into 2016 with a sense of peace that I didn’t have last year. 😃


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