Merry Christmas everyone

I’m lying on the sofa as I’m writing this. I literally can’t move cos I’ve spent the last few days stuffing myself (and yet I’m still currently drinking Baileys and eating Thornton’s).

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. Before Max was born I was less bothered and I used to work in pubs so I’d often be working on Christmas day, but I think when you have kids the magic comes back. Christmas is all about family and I’m really close with mine so I love getting together with everyone.

Max is a lot more aware this year. He still doesn’t really understand the concept of Santa but his face when he opened his presents was so cute. Christmas isn’t really about material things but I love buying for people and indulging. Max and I have both been spoilt this year. My parents got me a new TV so my flat is looking really nice!

The rest of the week has been good too. Caught up with friends at the beginning of the week and on Christmas eve I went for lunch with friends I hadn’t seen for ages. Today was Boxing day and we had a family party. It got a bit emotional as my cousin Grace is going travelling for 6 months and she’s leaving on Monday. We’re as close as sisters and we’ll all miss her loads!

I’m gonna use this boring bit in between Christmas and new year to de clutter my flat. I’ve already got 3 bin bags full of Max’s old toys to make room for his new ones so wish me luck!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas because we all deserve that. I’m ready now for the new year!


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