In control

I’ve honestly had such a weird couple of weeks. I dunno if it’s something in the air or what but my mood has been a bit up and down which is really unlike me. I always try to make the best out of every situation which is what I’ve been doing lately and to be honest, for every bad thing that’s happened there’s always been something good that’s cancelled it out!

I started doing some volunteer work last week which looks as if it’s going to be a lot of fun (and worthwhile). I don’t like to post too much detail on here because I don’t know who’s reading but it’s for a really good charity and the project manager is a real inspiration to me – he’s opened orphanages and schools in Kenya alongside all the fundraising he does in this country and he pretty much works 24/7 but he says he wouldn’t have it any other way. I think I’ve found my real calling in life (cheesy as it sounds) but all I want to do is help people who are less fortunate than me. I’d love to make it my career in the future.

I feel like I’ve kept my life totally in control over this past year even though I’ve had some low points. I think it’s so important not to let this stuff break you – my rule is, if ever anything upsets me I let myself have one day of self pity and then I chuck it in the fuck bucket and move on 😉. I never have and never will let anyone except myself control my emotions. Don’t give people the satisfaction of seeing you break down. I have dreams and goals and I believe I can achieve them, and no one will break my spirit. Happiness starts with YOU.


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