Getting rid of the dummy

When I was pregnant I said I’d never give Max a dummy. I didn’t like the idea of them or the look of them, especially on toddlers. After he was born I lasted about 3 months before the constant crying got too much and I gave in. At the time it felt like a lifesaver. I promised myself that I would only let him have it until he turned one.

Fast forward until last week when, at nearly 2 and a half he still had it, not just when he was asleep but a fair bit in the day too. I had run out of excuses as well – he wasn’t a baby any more, he was more settled at nursery and I was worried about the effect it would have on his teeth and his speech. Plus I really hate seeing older toddlers walking around with dummies in.

I’ve tried and failed to get rid of his dummy before but this time I had to go cold turkey and threw them all in the bin. The first couple of nights weren’t fun – he did cry for it at bedtime and wake up a couple of times in the night but after that he was absolutely fine. It’s been a week now and he still asks for it on occasion but he doesn’t make a fuss about it any more. I’m so glad I’ve got rid of it now before he got too much older and it was easier than I thought!


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