Bonfire night

I’ve just put Max to bed way later than he normally goes because we went to watch a fireworks display near where we live. It was great, they had a fair and a bonfire so he went on a few rides. I was a bit worried how he’d react to the fireworks as he can be a bit sensitive but he loved it! Really glad I bought tickets, it’s the first time I’ve bothered in years.

My diet and training is going well this week although I still feel I’m not working hard enough on leg days. I dunno, I push myself when I’m in the gym but I don’t have the sore muscles the next day so I keep thinking I’m not doing enough. Gonna try and rectify this asap!

Just a short post until the end of the week, I’ll talk more about my diet and training then. For now I’m gonna relax and have a green tea πŸ˜‰


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