Happy Halloween!

Yay, Halloween is here! It’s weird how you get so much more excited about this stuff when you have children. I didn’t actually dress Max up – I would have done if he’d been at nursery but he was off this week and he’s too young to take out or anything. We had a really nice evening though – I did a pumpkin and we had marshmallows with melted chocolate as a treat. He’s in bed now so I’m gonna put on some kind of horror film in a minute (you have to on Halloween!) I’m quite lucky as I live in a flat above shops so no one comes trick or treating here 😄.

November is gonna be a pretty busy month for me, I’ll update as I go but I’m planning on getting quite a lot done regarding my future plans. I hope everyone had a great October 😆 I did although I’m not a fan of these dark evenings and cold weather. Also starting to think about Christmas plans (yeah, I said the dreaded C word!) I bought my first present the other day because I’m determined to be organised this year!


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