Embarrassing toddlers

Max is now 2 years and 5 months old and I’m really loving this age. He can talk properly so I don’t have to try and guess what he wants any more, and he’s got such a lovely funny personality. He does have his “terrible twos” moments but on the whole I’m finding this stage a lot easier and more fun than the baby stage.

One thing though is that he can be a lot more embarrassing in public. Not even when he has tantrums (which isn’t very often) but just some of the things he comes out with. Children his age have no filter and are naturally curious about stuff but this does lead to some embarrassing moments for me. The other day we were waiting for my mum in the car park when a car pulled up with bird poo on it. Max felt the need to shout “look mummy it’s dirty!” as the man was getting out (that’s another thing as well – why do they have to shout all the time?) Another time we were in a shop when an old lady walked past – she was a bit of an old crone and looked quite witchy. Max started protesting that she was “scary” and he “didn’t like it” 🙈 I don’t think she heard but I think sometimes you just have to grin and bear it even though it’s embarrassing! Hopefully he’ll get past this stage soon 😂


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