I meant to write this on Sunday but I was really tired so I’m only just getting round to it. Just a short post today because I’m gonna do a longer one over the weekend!

Me and my mum took Max to Blackpool last weekend and we had the best time. Not gonna lie, it was the tackiest place I’ve ever been (even worse than Skegness) but Max loved it. I do sometimes miss living by the sea when I see how happy he is just building sandcastles and collecting stones – it just goes to show you really don’t need much to keep a 2 year old happy, you don’t even need to spend any money.

We went on a tram tour to see the illuminations which I was really impressed with. I did just think they were gonna be a bunch of lights strung up on a few lamp posts but they were actually fantastic. Unfortunately Max fell asleep about 15 minutes into the tour so he missed it all! We’ve said we’re gonna go back next year though for longer because we only stayed one night.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to blog about so when I have a bit more time I’ll start getting round to it. Till then 😊


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