September smiles

For me, September has always felt more like the beginning of the year than January. I really dislike the new year, I don’t know why – January always just feels like a “nothing” month, like everyone is skint from Christmas and you’re just waiting for the weather to get better cos there’s nothing really going on.

I always look on September as my “new year” – it’s when all the school terms start, the fun of summer is over and it’s time to knuckle down and get to work. This has definitely been true for me this year anyway 😊.

Max started nursery last week. He cries when I drop him off, he says he wants to stay at home and he doesn’t want to go but the staff say when he’s there he has a lovely time. I’m so happy with the one I chose, the children have a nursery diary that the staff fill in every day so the parents know what they’ve been up to and it’s a really nice environment.

I started at my new gym. I had one session with a PT and now I know what I’m doing I’m gonna be going four times a week. I need to be really strict with myself and my meal plans if I want to see results – I find I have setbacks when I’m away from home. Last Friday I was in London and I was drinking, and when I’m drinking I always just want crap food the next day. And it’s hard to find food that suits your meal plan when you’re on the go. I’m determined to stick with it though – trained legs today and I want to cry because they’re so sore!

The next few weeks I’ll be doing some training for my new volunteer role and I also need to finish my UCAS application. I want to get it sent off by mid-November. Bring on the future 😊👊


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