Alice getting old

It was my birthday on Monday in case you didn’t know. I’m officially halfway to 50 *sob*. Nah, I’m actually feeling ok about it. I think it’s because this year I actually feel like I’ve got my act together and I’ve been going after what I want.

Anyway, I had the best birthday. Sunday we went out for lunch at Risley Park which is one of my favourite places to eat (if anyone reading this lives in the Nottingham/Derby area, GO THERE. Then we went to Notting Hill carnival which was absolutely amazing. We’ve decided we’re gonna go back every year. I literally fall more in love with London every time I visit. I drank way too much and ate way too much but it was all worth it.

So it’s Wednesday now and it’s officially our last week of freedom! Max starts nursery on Monday and I’ll be working and taking the gym a lot more seriously. I can also start applying for unis from this month so I need to get my UCAS application perfect. Finally time to get the ball rolling! I’m really nervous but so excited as well.


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