Max’s nursery induction

I meant to write this post the other day but I’ve had quite a stressful week so I’ve only just got round to it. My bad!

Max had his 2 induction days with nursery this week. The first one I stayed with him and we had a look round together, and the second one I went into another room where he couldn’t see me to see how he got on. I was a bit worried as I’ve previously mentioned he gets separation anxiety but he was fine! I think he’s definitely ready to start spending more time with other children and get a bit more independence. The staff commented on how clever he was and said he talks more than some of the older children πŸ˜‚ obviously an extrovert like his mum πŸ˜‰ I’m really pleased with the nursery choice as well. It’s a lovely environment, all the children have a diary where the staff write down what they have done each day which I like. His first day is on the 7th! I’ll miss him a lot but I’m happy as well, he’ll love it.

In other news, I had an interview today for some interesting work that I’m hopefully going to start soon. I won’t put too much about it as it’s working with vulnerable people but I’m really excited about that! I also booked my flights to Poland for January. Got them for Β£45, bargain. Less than 5 months to go now!

I can relax now and enjoy the weekend. My birthday is on Monday so I’m planning on drinking a lot and enjoying myself. 😊


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