Why I have decided to go abroad for surgery

Today I got my final confirmation of the date for my cosmetic surgery. I’ve been excitedly telling everyone I know because I can’t wait! Quite a few people have asked me what company I’m going with. When I say I’m getting it done in Poland the reactions have been pretty strong. “Are you mad?”

No, I’m not mad. If I’m honest, this time last year I’d have had that reaction too. I always said I’d NEVER get surgery abroad. Watching programmes like Botched Up Bodies, newspaper articles about body parts exploding after dodgy surgery and hearing about women being injected with CEMENT convinced me even more that surgery on home soil was the way to go. Risking my health just to save a bit of cash didn’t seem worth it.

I’ve wanted a boob job for years, even more so after my son was born. It was only in January this year that I decided I was 100% going for it. Fortunately I’m in a position where I can save money rather than have to take out a loan or payment plan. I worked out it would take me about a year to save what I would need.

Over the last 8 months I’ve done plenty of research. I was originally going to go with Harley Street private clinic in London, but then changed my mind to MYA after seeing pictures of their work. Both companies charged around £5000 for what I wanted.

I had two consultations where we discussed what I wanted, what would be best for my lifestyle, etc. I just had to wait until I got the cash together.

I spent a lot of time looking at photos of other women who’d had boob jobs to see what the results looked like. In June I came across a past Big Brother winner on Twitter who had recently had hers done. I thought they looked really good and asked her where she went. She gave me the twitter link for Europe Surgery and couldn’t speak highly enough of them.

I spoke online with the patient coordinator who was lovely and gave me all the information I needed. I researched the company and after I was satisfied with its track record I decided to go with them instead.

Deciding to get surgery isn’t something you should do lightly. I might joke about it but the truth is I genuinely think it will make my life better. I hate not being able to wear nice clothes because I don’t fill them, and now I’m starting to get into fitness chances are they’ll get even smaller.

My advice for anyone considering surgery abroad (or anywhere really!)

  • RESEARCH. I cannot stress this enough. There are a lot of factors to consider! Make sure the company is legitimate. Many of them offer FREE consultations. Take full advantage of these and ask as many questions as you want. For example – will your surgery be performed under anesthesia or sedation? What type of implants are used? (You should research these as well and make sure they have no history of problems.) Because I’m going abroad I’m in constant email contact with David, my patient coordinator. No question is too silly to ask when it comes to surgery and if they try and make you feel silly you probably shouldn’t go with them.
  • Find out about your surgeon. Adam Kalecinski, who will be performing my surgery, is British registered and has worked in London. He speaks fluent English. Obviously this makes communication easier and there is less chance of confusion of what I want! He’s also done surgeries on people from Geordie Shore, BB and X factor and he’s been featured in British press.
  • Speak to other patients. This is important. Europe Surgery has a Facebook page where others can share their experiences, photos and satisfaction with surgery. Ask them everything – how professional the surgeons and nurses are, the cleanliness of the clinic, whether their opinions were listened to, etc. Of course at the end of it all the surgeon does know best, but YOU are the one that has to live with the results. You are paying for it and don’t be pressured into something you’re not 100% comfortable with.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT LET COST BE THE MAIN FACTOR IN YOUR DECISION. As it happens, I’m saving over £2000 by going with Europe Surgery instead of a UK one. However, I would not have gone ahead if I hadn’t been 100% happy with everything I’ve listed above. I’ve seen suspect companies offering boob jobs for as little as £1000. Also be wary of places offering “all inclusive” deals, with flights and hotels included. Europe Surgery charge for surgery only, you book and pay flights and accommodation separately. Bottom line – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

I get my new boobs on 25th January 2016. I’m sharing my experience because I want to be completely honest about having plastic surgery – I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of and anyone is welcome to message me if they’re considering this process themselves. I can’t wait! 😊


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