This week 😊

I’ve been having the best week despite the fact that the weather has sucked! I’m getting pretty excited at the gym because I’ve started to see my quad muscles developing. I haven’t really seen much noticeable difference up until last week and it’s really spurring me on. I have to admit I haven’t really been eating clean this week – on Tuesday I had drinks with someone I haven’t seen for a while which was fun but I ended up having chips 2 days in a row 🙈 then on Thursday I met up with my mum and we took Max to the farm and out for lunch. So I’ve not been too good with that side of things lately but I will get back on track soon!

Other stuff that’s been happening – my parents moved house last week for the last time. We went to see it the other day, it’s a downsize but since it’s only them and their dog it’s fine. Max and I are looking forward to going round when it’s all properly done up!

I had a letter the other day saying Max’s nursery hours were changing. Apparently the government funding has changed so he gets 15 hours not 12, so he’s going Monday-Friday for a 3 hour session every day. This actually works a bit better for me to get things done and I feel it’s a bit more consistent for him. I’ve just sent off an application to start some volunteer work for the next year until I go to uni so I’m really excited about that as well. And it’s getting closer to my birthday, can’t wait to start celebrating! 🙌


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