Coping with the “terrible twos”

I think we’re all guilty of being judgmental about how other people parent their children. I know when I was pregnant I’d look at other women whose toddlers were having tantrums in public and think “I’d never let my child behave like that.”

We all start out with the best intentions. I said I was going to breastfeed Max for a year. I could only do it for the first three months. I said I would never give him a dummy. I coped for a few weeks before the endless crying wore me down and gave him one for comfort. I said I wouldn’t co sleep because I didn’t want him to “get used” to it. It’s only been a couple of months since I finally got him in his own bed.

Everyone wants to be the perfect parent, but let’s be real – there is no such thing. I’m definitely discovering this over these past couple of months when I realised the “terrible twos” ISN’T a myth – it’s all too real!

We’re at that awkward stage where Max is becoming more independent, but there is still a lot he can’t do. He HATES sitting in the pushchair, he wants to walk everywhere but he doesn’t want to hold my hand. His current favourite phrase when I ask if he wants help is “No! Max do it!” Today I had to go and do a food shop and going down the toy aisle he wanted me to buy him a digger. When I said “no you’ve got lots of diggers” his reaction was to LIE DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND CRY.

Somebody said to me “boys are easy when they are teenagers but they’re harder work than girls when they’re toddlers.” I’m starting to think they’re right. And I will never again judge mothers when their children are having a meltdown in public!


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