The nightmare that is UCAS

It’s Saturday night and I’m currently at my parents house. I said I’d look after their dog while they go to someone’s barbecue (I did it last weekend as well while they went to Splendour festival. I’m such a good daughter πŸ˜†).

I thought I’d do something productive with my time (while having my cheat meal. Garlic bread come at me) so I’ve finally registered with UCAS. I want to have my application all ready as I’m planning on sending off to universities by November.

Call me naive but I’m just sat staring at the page in absolute horror. I didn’t realise how much there actually was to fill out! The personal statement gives you up to 4000 words 😲 I always did well in English at school (two As at GCSE) but the idea of having to write a page bigging myself up just horrifies me. I’m hoping that once I get the first sentence out then the rest will flow. It’s just that first sentence that’s bugging me at the moment πŸ˜‚. Oh, and I had no idea you had to pay for it either. Β£23 πŸ˜•

Also, I have no idea who I’m going to put as my reference. I did my access course through the Open Uni and had one phone conversation with my tutor so I don’t think she knows me enough to write one. And I haven’t been employed for over a year so there’s no one there either. I am hoping to start some voluntary work next month so hopefully I’ll have a nice manager who will write me one 😊.

Wish me luck people. I’m gonna take my time and do it right, fingers crossed it all pays off!


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