Max’s progress

Max had his 5th visit to the creche today. I’m really pleased with how well he’s coming along. The staff there said he still cries for me when I first leave but he’s getting a lot better. Apparently today he kept asking one of the workers for cuddles, bless him 😂. His nursery induction day is in 5 weeks time! I wanted to get rid of his dummy pretty soon but he likes having it in at the creche, I think it helps to soothe him so I think I’ll wait until he’s settled properly before I throw it away.

One good thing is that the past couple of days he seems to have stopped his daytime nap. I’m really glad about this because he was napping between 1-2 hours in the day and then I would struggle to get him to sleep at night. He was then waking up every morning at about 5.30 which was knackering me out 😩. Now he’s been falling asleep as soon as I put him in bed at 7 and sleeping until about 7 the next morning. We’re both very happy with that!


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