Seperation anxiety

As you are probably all aware, I’m a single mother of a toddler who is about to turn two (2 days to go!) For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a stay at home parent since he was born, and as a result has never really spent much time away from me.

I started weight training in the gym a couple of weeks ago now, and the reason I chose this particular one is because it has a creche. I decided that I wanted to start sending my son to a creche because he will be starting nursery in September three days a week and I thought it would be a good way to prepare him for spending some time away from me. Also I’m not going to be having more children any time soon so I like him to spend time with other children where possible.

Separation anxiety is a bit of an issue for him at the moment. He is fine when he goes to his dad’s but he doesn’t like meeting new people if I’m not around. I told the staff at the creche and they were lovely and understanding; they told me if he got really hysterical they would come and fetch me from the gym. I left him without making a big fuss because I didn’t want to set him off.

About an hour into the session they came to tell me that he had cried for about 10 minutes and then fallen asleep on one of the workers! That was a bit of a relief in some ways but not in others as it meant he didn’t really have the opportunity to interact with new people.

So it didn’t really work out the way I’d hoped. Next time he goes I’ll make sure he’s had a nap BEFOREHAND and see how we get on. Dealing with separation anxiety is tough but hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll get it sorted. Just another challenge of parenting!



  1. Emmystein · June 16, 2015

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  2. Emmystein · June 16, 2015

    your son needs his father with all due respect


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