Fiber lashes

I’ve always been a big believer that when it comes to make-up and beauty products, you get what you pay for. You just don’t get the same quality from a Collection 2000 foundation as you do from an Estee Lauder one. (Not that I have anything against Collection 2000, they saw me through my incredibly awkward school years. 😉) Saying that, I’ve never paid this amount of money for a mascara before. Previously I’ve been using “They’re Real” by Benefit (£19.50) which was the best one I’d used up until now. It still didn’t give me the wow factor, and as I’ve been cursed with fairly short eyelashes I stick on the longest false ones I can find every time I have a night out. Which is annoying, as they always make my eyes itchy and I worry that they’re gonna fall off into my cocktail. I’d heard about the fiber lash mascara and after looking at a few pictures with amazing looking results I decided to try it. Unfortunately I didn’t educate myself enough and paid the cost of the mascara (£23) plus £6.95 postage and packaging to have it shipped from America. About 10 minutes after I ordered I had a message from a Younique rep in the UK saying if I ordered through them it would be cheaper and quicker. 😔 So, after waiting 2 weeks for it to actually get here I was impressed when it did. The packaging was lovely with a little case to keep it in (see, you don’t get that with regular mascara). I’d heard mixed reviews from friends of mine about it – one said it was so good that she’d never use another mascara, someone else had told me a horror story about getting fibers in their eyes and not being able to use it again. I made sure to look up tips on how to apply it to avoid any disasters 🙈 When I did, I was impressed. I like to wear quite a thick coat of mascara and it definitely did the job (although I did apply three layers). Applying the fibers to the tips of the eyelashes only meant none of them went in my eyes (yay!) It was a bit of an odd process applying first the gel, then the fibers, then the gel but the results were worth it in the end. In terms of length I wouldn’t say it worked wonders, but the thickness and colour were ideal. I had some minor issues with clumping but I looked up some tips on how to avoid it for next time. It’s 100% the best mascara I’ve ever used and a Younique rep told me it lasts up to 3 months, so would I say it’s worth the £30 total I paid for it? Yes I would. To everyone who is considering it – give it a go, it won’t disappoint. Just don’t buy it direct from the manufacturer like I did. 😉

Edit: I write this blog on my phone and for some reason it won’t let me upload photos, but they’re on my Instagram if anyone wants to see the results – @alicechamberlain_x


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