Day One – clean eating

It was probably about 6 months ago that I decided I wanted to get into weight training. This time last year I was bigger than I wanted to be thanks to being a stay at home mother and spending my days indulging in lattes and cakes at Costa. I started eating healthily and working out at home with kettlebells. Within 6 weeks I lost almost 2 stones and went back down to a size 6-8 which was what I had been before I had my son.

Now a year later I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m not underweight but I’m pretty slim and I lack any muscle definition. The kettlebells and cardio helped me lose the weight but I’m lacking the healthy toned look.

Recently I’ve been following the progress of a fitness model called Taylor Vertucci (check her out on Instagram @taylorve). Her “before” pictures are pretty much what I currently look like and her “now” pictures are what I’m aspiring for. She managed to build herself up after a year of weight training and it’s given me the inspiration I need as we have a similar build. I’ve gone from “I wish I looked like that” to “if I get up and go to the gym I CAN look like that”.

So in order to do this I need to completely switch up my diet and training regime. I’m saying bye to most of the cardio and hello to the heavy weights. Unfortunately this also means having to meal prep, which is a NIGHTMARE if you’re a below than average cook like me.

I’ve been doing my research and scouring for healthy meals to help build muscle and found a few that seemed simple (ish). So this weekend I bought a whole load of fresh ingredients and ate my way through absolutely all the junk food in my cupboards to remove temptation (which was fun, I’m not gonna lie, but chocolate and Doritos for dinner aren’t gonna cut it every night).

I’m giving up all white potato, pasta, bread etc and replacing it with quinoa and sweet potato. Yesterday I found a soup recipe with sweet potato and lentils which I thought was a good idea as I could freeze it and it would last me a while. So after my son iwent to bed I got all my ingredients and got stuck in.

Just to shock anyone who knows me, it’s actually turned out pretty good! There were a few mishaps with the hand blender (cough) but overall I impressed myself. This is from the girl who actually managed to burn potatoes one time. 😅 I substituted a few of the ingredients, like switching the olive oil required for raw virgin coconut oil (snigger). Today marks the first day of my new lifestyle and me and my son had it for lunch (he ate it so it couldn’t have been too bad 😜).

I’m not gonna lie and say I enjoy cooking. In truth, I hate it. (Probably gonna be eternally single after admitting that 😂) but knowing exactly what’s in my food and that I’m only putting good stuff into my body is definitely an advantage. (No innuendoes there please! 😂) So it’s time to wave goodbye to the queen of jars and ready meals! If anyone’s interested in seeing photos of my daily meal plans feel free to give my Instagram a follow @alicechamberlain_x or just have a nosey if you like 😜.

Day one is over, I feel great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey. Oh, and if anyone knows how I can get the garlic smell off my hands before my date night on Wednesday that would be great. 😉


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