2 months to go!

So yesterday I got the letter for Max’s free nursery hours from September 7th this year. I can’t believe how quick the time has gone and I’m so looking forward to it as I think it will be good for him, but I’m a bit nervous as well 😭.

There are a few issues that I want to tackle over the next couple of months before he starts. First one is getting rid of the dummy – I really don’t think he needs it any more and I don’t want him to be having it at nursery. Second one is the separation anxiety issue which I’m working on. Third one is potty training – I’m hoping in a couple of weeks he’ll be ready to start and we can get that over and done with because I don’t want to leave it too long. Everyone tells me that boys are slower than girls at this but he’s 2 now and I don’t think it will do any harm having a potty around to get him used to it.

Just a short post today as I just wanted to mention a couple of the things that I’ll be blogging about over the next few months. Eeeek everything’s moving so quickly now! Bring on the second half of 2015 👊


Team Kaylice – the most beautiful friendship since Thelma & Louise

“If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.”

I wanted to write this post as I’ve just got back from seeing Kayleigh for the first time in 4 months and also because we are fast approaching our 7 year friendaversery (this September eeek!)

I first met Kayleigh when I was 18 and she was 21. I had been waitressing at the Saddlers Arms for the past 2 years and Kayleigh had just joined the kitchen team. I remember us clicking straight away because we were both the type of people who can just talk to anyone, within about 5 minutes she had invited me round to hers to meet her dogs (yes I am a soppy dog person!) 😂

It only took about a week for us to become inseparable, I think our boss hated it because we were such troublemakers together especially at work 😂 she was just the most fun person to be around, I remember one incident where she managed to persuade all the male staff to strip off for no reason at all. That’s the kind of person she is, she has such a big personality you just can’t help but be persuaded by her 😂 we were so naughty as well, skiving work to go on a road trip with her ex boyfriend or we’d come into work so hungover and make the chefs cook us free food on the sly. One night her ex boyfriend didn’t want her to come out with me so she said she was going to bed and jumped out the window so we could sneak out 😉. I’m not even going to mention some of the illegal stuff we’ve done in case we get in trouble. 😂

I also want to point out that Kayleigh is one of the most loyal and generous friends you could ask for. She spoils anyone she considers a friend, even if it’s just little things like one time when I arrived at hers after a long train journey she had bought my favourite coffee from Nero and had it waiting for me. That’s the kind of thoughtful person she is 😊.

So now it’s 7 years later and we’ve matured slightly! We no longer live 10 doors down from each other like we did at one point, we live a good 4 hour car journey away. We don’t see each other every day like we used to and we don’t even speak every day. But we’re still best friends and we will be for life because when we are together it’s like we were never apart. We’ve been through a lot these past couple of years, at a very low point when I was feeling very alone and Kayleigh was suffering in a domestic violence relationship. We’ve both come out of it like bosses, we both have our own houses (she actually owns hers), we’re both on courses to get our dream careers and we’re killing it at the gym to build our Paige Hathaway bodies. Oh, and we do it all with perfect nails too. 😉 I’m so proud of how we’ve come from rock bottom to this point in our lives. You’re my number one geezer now and always and I bloody love you! 😘 Team Kaylice is on a mission and we have big dreams for 2016, I know we’ll get there cos we always have each other’s backs 🙌

Max turns two!

So this week, 17th June was my son’s second birthday! We took him to Thomas Land as he is obsessed with trains, especially Thomas the tank engine. He loved it although he was a bit scared of some of the rides! Also I think I may need a bigger flat to make room for all the new toys he has got. ☺

I was thinking last night about how quickly the past two years have gone and how being a mother has changed me. The first few months of Max’s life were a big struggle for me. Motherhood didn’t come naturally, he was a “crier” and I was living over 100 miles away from my family and support network (Max’s father was in the military at that point). I had a traumatic labour which meant I was ill for months afterwards, I couldn’t go out as much as I wanted and I only had one good friend in the town I lived in (love you Soph 😘). This resulted in me suffering from the “baby blues” which lasted a good 6+ months. I would often sit down after he went to bed and think to myself “I can’t do this”. I can talk about it now but at the time I was worried people would think I was a bad mother. I had no doubt about my love for Max, but I didn’t know how to settle him when he wouldn’t stop crying.

When he was 8 months old, Carl (my son’s father) got a job in the city where my family lived. Things got easier when we moved as I had a support network around me. When Max was 10 months Carl and I split up, which now I realise was one of the best things that could have happened. We didn’t get along any more, we had different views on a lot of things and we parent much better being apart. I moved into my own flat and my new found independence gave me so much more confidence, in both my parenting and myself. I had spent the last couple of years working part time and then quitting to look after Max, moving from place to place so we could focus on Carl’s career, and now I could focus on myself and what I wanted to do. I felt free and I could do whatever I wanted now.

Fast forward a year later to today and my own personal life is crazy but in a good way! I’m working towards my goals and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. The best part of it is knowing I’m a damn good mother and no matter what it will be me and my boy against the world. Happy birthday Max my baby, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us 🙌

Seperation anxiety

As you are probably all aware, I’m a single mother of a toddler who is about to turn two (2 days to go!) For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a stay at home parent since he was born, and as a result has never really spent much time away from me.

I started weight training in the gym a couple of weeks ago now, and the reason I chose this particular one is because it has a creche. I decided that I wanted to start sending my son to a creche because he will be starting nursery in September three days a week and I thought it would be a good way to prepare him for spending some time away from me. Also I’m not going to be having more children any time soon so I like him to spend time with other children where possible.

Separation anxiety is a bit of an issue for him at the moment. He is fine when he goes to his dad’s but he doesn’t like meeting new people if I’m not around. I told the staff at the creche and they were lovely and understanding; they told me if he got really hysterical they would come and fetch me from the gym. I left him without making a big fuss because I didn’t want to set him off.

About an hour into the session they came to tell me that he had cried for about 10 minutes and then fallen asleep on one of the workers! That was a bit of a relief in some ways but not in others as it meant he didn’t really have the opportunity to interact with new people.

So it didn’t really work out the way I’d hoped. Next time he goes I’ll make sure he’s had a nap BEFOREHAND and see how we get on. Dealing with separation anxiety is tough but hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll get it sorted. Just another challenge of parenting!

Fiber lashes

I’ve always been a big believer that when it comes to make-up and beauty products, you get what you pay for. You just don’t get the same quality from a Collection 2000 foundation as you do from an Estee Lauder one. (Not that I have anything against Collection 2000, they saw me through my incredibly awkward school years. 😉) Saying that, I’ve never paid this amount of money for a mascara before. Previously I’ve been using “They’re Real” by Benefit (£19.50) which was the best one I’d used up until now. It still didn’t give me the wow factor, and as I’ve been cursed with fairly short eyelashes I stick on the longest false ones I can find every time I have a night out. Which is annoying, as they always make my eyes itchy and I worry that they’re gonna fall off into my cocktail. I’d heard about the fiber lash mascara and after looking at a few pictures with amazing looking results I decided to try it. Unfortunately I didn’t educate myself enough and paid the cost of the mascara (£23) plus £6.95 postage and packaging to have it shipped from America. About 10 minutes after I ordered I had a message from a Younique rep in the UK saying if I ordered through them it would be cheaper and quicker. 😔 So, after waiting 2 weeks for it to actually get here I was impressed when it did. The packaging was lovely with a little case to keep it in (see, you don’t get that with regular mascara). I’d heard mixed reviews from friends of mine about it – one said it was so good that she’d never use another mascara, someone else had told me a horror story about getting fibers in their eyes and not being able to use it again. I made sure to look up tips on how to apply it to avoid any disasters 🙈 When I did, I was impressed. I like to wear quite a thick coat of mascara and it definitely did the job (although I did apply three layers). Applying the fibers to the tips of the eyelashes only meant none of them went in my eyes (yay!) It was a bit of an odd process applying first the gel, then the fibers, then the gel but the results were worth it in the end. In terms of length I wouldn’t say it worked wonders, but the thickness and colour were ideal. I had some minor issues with clumping but I looked up some tips on how to avoid it for next time. It’s 100% the best mascara I’ve ever used and a Younique rep told me it lasts up to 3 months, so would I say it’s worth the £30 total I paid for it? Yes I would. To everyone who is considering it – give it a go, it won’t disappoint. Just don’t buy it direct from the manufacturer like I did. 😉

Edit: I write this blog on my phone and for some reason it won’t let me upload photos, but they’re on my Instagram if anyone wants to see the results – @alicechamberlain_x

Life goals

As most of you are probably aware, I’m a bit of a social media addict. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, I’m on them all. I’ve moved house a ridiculous amount of times so it’s an easy way to stay in contact with everyone (plus I’m a bit of a nosey cow and I like keeping up to date on what’s going on. 👀)

One thing I absolutely cannot STAND though (and I’m seeing more and more often these days) is that people seem obsessed with so-called “relationship goals”. Everywhere I look there are people posting pictures of “cute” little couples doing perfectly average stuff like holding hands or hugging or something and everyone is all “omg relationship goals!!!!!!”

I don’t really understand this fixation everyone has on the perfect relationship (if such a thing exists, which it doesn’t). I find it pretty sad that people are more concerned about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend than they are about focusing on their own life goals, especially when the majority of my social media “friends” are under 30.

I’ve been doing some thinking about my own life goals and I think it’s important to have a plan as to how I’m going to achieve them. I wrote out a list of everything I want to do before I turn 30 which I thought I’d post here:

1. Become a qualified social worker – finished my access course last month and am waiting for the results. Can start applying for unis in September 🙌

2. Look like Taylor Vertucci (ha!) – I need to go hard on the weights for this, I’ve started eating seriously clean and will start going to the gym 3 times a week when my son starts nursery in September.

3. Cosmetic surgery – I’ve not kept it a secret that I’m planning to get a boob job and I’m debating lip fillers as well. Basically a case of saving every penny I can!

4. Learn to drive – I was spectacularly bad at this on the few lessons that I had but I realise it will probably be a necessity the older my son gets. I’m gonna leave it a year or two and then go back to it.

5. The most important one on my list: be the best mother I can possibly be! I hope I’m doing an OK job on this so far, it’s not always easy but definitely the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

These 5 things are what are important in my life. Anything else is just a bonus. So you guys can keep your “relationship goals” because I’ve got bigger plans than that. And I don’t plan to stop until I’ve got it all 😘

Day One – clean eating

It was probably about 6 months ago that I decided I wanted to get into weight training. This time last year I was bigger than I wanted to be thanks to being a stay at home mother and spending my days indulging in lattes and cakes at Costa. I started eating healthily and working out at home with kettlebells. Within 6 weeks I lost almost 2 stones and went back down to a size 6-8 which was what I had been before I had my son.

Now a year later I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m not underweight but I’m pretty slim and I lack any muscle definition. The kettlebells and cardio helped me lose the weight but I’m lacking the healthy toned look.

Recently I’ve been following the progress of a fitness model called Taylor Vertucci (check her out on Instagram @taylorve). Her “before” pictures are pretty much what I currently look like and her “now” pictures are what I’m aspiring for. She managed to build herself up after a year of weight training and it’s given me the inspiration I need as we have a similar build. I’ve gone from “I wish I looked like that” to “if I get up and go to the gym I CAN look like that”.

So in order to do this I need to completely switch up my diet and training regime. I’m saying bye to most of the cardio and hello to the heavy weights. Unfortunately this also means having to meal prep, which is a NIGHTMARE if you’re a below than average cook like me.

I’ve been doing my research and scouring for healthy meals to help build muscle and found a few that seemed simple (ish). So this weekend I bought a whole load of fresh ingredients and ate my way through absolutely all the junk food in my cupboards to remove temptation (which was fun, I’m not gonna lie, but chocolate and Doritos for dinner aren’t gonna cut it every night).

I’m giving up all white potato, pasta, bread etc and replacing it with quinoa and sweet potato. Yesterday I found a soup recipe with sweet potato and lentils which I thought was a good idea as I could freeze it and it would last me a while. So after my son iwent to bed I got all my ingredients and got stuck in.

Just to shock anyone who knows me, it’s actually turned out pretty good! There were a few mishaps with the hand blender (cough) but overall I impressed myself. This is from the girl who actually managed to burn potatoes one time. 😅 I substituted a few of the ingredients, like switching the olive oil required for raw virgin coconut oil (snigger). Today marks the first day of my new lifestyle and me and my son had it for lunch (he ate it so it couldn’t have been too bad 😜).

I’m not gonna lie and say I enjoy cooking. In truth, I hate it. (Probably gonna be eternally single after admitting that 😂) but knowing exactly what’s in my food and that I’m only putting good stuff into my body is definitely an advantage. (No innuendoes there please! 😂) So it’s time to wave goodbye to the queen of jars and ready meals! If anyone’s interested in seeing photos of my daily meal plans feel free to give my Instagram a follow @alicechamberlain_x or just have a nosey if you like 😜.

Day one is over, I feel great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey. Oh, and if anyone knows how I can get the garlic smell off my hands before my date night on Wednesday that would be great. 😉